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Mermaids, sea witches, selkies, ahoy!

Dive into ten tales of sapphic romantasy.


Coming June 4th, 2024

Separated by land and sea, two lovers ache with yearning. Can a human and a mermaid really make a life together? Elsewhere, a selkie despairs, trapped in an arranged marriage, only for her fated heartmate to pull her in with a sweet song. Across the sea, two pirate lovers-turned-sworn-enemies must work together against a foe trying to steal a goddess's power. On a seductive island, a swordfish shifter and a human crash together and come apart. Can they piece together their shattered supernatural connection?

This gender and identity-inclusive sapphic collection features ten pearl-sized ocean-themed stories of love and adventure on the high seas.

Featuring Authors:

SD Simper, Elliot Ason, Ali Williams,

Aoibh Wood, Theresa Tyree, Erin Branch, Rosemarie Dillon, Erin Casey

Julie Brydon, and Evelyn Shine


Coming October 8th, 2024

June lives the glamorous lifestyle of a mid-level Dungeons and Dragons influencer: broke in her parents basement. Although June's internet-famous avatar has her life together, June is a people-pleasing mess on the inside. When she needs a D&D group for a lucrative opportunity, her celebrity group disinvites her, and she has to lean on her old friends.

But Nova, June’s former BFF, gives her the cold shoulder while flirting with her character during their game sessions. June is determined to figure out why. Turns out getting closer to Nova is awakening new, confusing feelings in June, feelings she tried to ignore years ago and can't anymore.

Di-Curious is a contemporary sapphic romance (with a hint of cozy fantasy) and an ode to queer geek culture.

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