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One dance is all it took to attract her.

Airship pilot Kiara’s solace resides in the open skies and the dance halls of Paris. Stolen as a child and sold to become a blood slave, she never knew peace until she was rescued from that hell. The vestiges of that life still haunt her. Never knowing her family or where she came from, she’s consigned herself to a solitary existence.

Then she meets mysterious Lucius Marlowe on the dance floor. He’s a blood drinker—Kiara has spent years avoiding his kind. She knows she shouldn’t, but she trusts him, and thoughts of the sensual kiss they shared that night linger in her mind.


But one dance isn’t enough for him…

After one moment of closeness with Kiara, Lucius is ready to break all societal rules to spend a lifetime with her. He knows better than to fall for a Vargree—the wolf shifters and his kind have been at war for centuries—but Kiara’s scent entices him, her laughter traps his soul, and the taste of her leaves him longing for the impossible.

The secret of Lucius’s shame sits behind his teeth. He’s done monstrous things. If he tells Kiara about his past, will she ever be able to care for him?


Dancing with the Moon is an epic fantasy romance about family ties, forbidden love, and the secrets that could shatter them.

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