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Coming June 4th, 2024


Mermaids, sea witches, selkies, ahoy!

Dive into ten tales of sapphic romantasy.

Separated by land and sea, two lovers ache with yearning. Can a human and a mermaid really make a life together? Elsewhere, a selkie despairs, trapped in an arranged marriage, only for her fated heartmate to pull her in with a sweet song. Across the sea, two pirate lovers-turned-sworn-enemies must work together against a foe trying to steal a goddess's power. On a seductive island, a swordfish shifter and a human crash together and come apart. Can they piece together their shattered supernatural connection?

This gender and identity-inclusive sapphic collection features ten pearl-sized ocean-themed stories of love and adventure on the high seas.

Featuring Authors:

SD Simper, Elliot Ason, Ali Williams,

Aoibh Wood, Theresa Tyree, Erin Branch, Rosemarie Dillon, Erin Casey

Julie Brydon, and Evelyn Shine



Adult, Fantasy Romance, MMF, Polyamory, Time travel, Vampires, Magic


Vargree Shifters

Adult, Fantasy Romance, M/F, Steampunk, Wolf Shifters, Vampires, Magic

Lisa Little Little ebook(1).jpg

Sweet Fairy Tales

All ages, Fantasy Romance, M/F, hint of Steampunk, fairy tale retelling, Magic

Lisa Little Little ebook.jpg

Her life started the moment her heart stopped.

Born with a broken heart, Inessa’s life has never been extraordinary. When a quest to find her stolen sister ends in terror, she offers the only thing she has of value in exchange for sanctuary—a witch’s boon.

What she didn’t expect was to wake with a clockwork heart implanted in her chest and a strangely familiar man at her bedside. In a twist of fate, she’s trapped by his side. Will he be the one to help her on her quest, or will the haunted shadows of his past seal their future in sorrow?


Find out in the sweet romantic fairy tale novella.

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