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All Evayne wanted was a moment in paradise.


Durant, ancient beyond reckoning, has always been tight-lipped about his past. When Evayne steps into an earlier time for a few days of rest and rejuvenation, she encounters her husband’s younger self and has a chance to learn about him first-hand. Common sense urges her to keep her distance, but his darkness seduces her. Steamy nights follow sultry days as Evayne falls deeper under his spell. With his secrets laid bare, she finally unravels the history of her Immortal husband.    


Once he has her, Durant’s younger self doesn’t want to let Evayne go. Unable to accept her decision to leave, he follows her back to her time, discovering more about himself than he ever believed possible. But Durant may need to sacrifice everything to keep the woman he loves.

When the walls between realms come crashing down, will Durant be the savior or the darkness that sweeps over the world?

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