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From her dreams to reality…

Since they met in Paris, sensuous Durant Lemaitre haunts Evayne’s restless nights. During their encounter, every covert glance and lingering touch spoke of his love for her. Now, in torrid dreams, she belongs to him, body and soul.


Only Durant remembers all the other timelines he and Evayne shared with their lover, Enzo. To avert catastrophe, he sent Evayne back to her own time. The agony of knowing that she and Enzo don’t remember the passion they shared tears him apart. But when Enzo is driven mad by dreams of Evayne, a woman he believes he’s never met, Durant is determined to timewalk again and bring her back.


The three of them plunge into a life of intense sensuality and blood bonds. However, keeping Evayne safe may prove impossible as she sets out to reform a corrupt Immortal society, taking too many risks. Can Evayne stay with the men she loves by flexing her newfound power as one of the rare Dawnchildren? Find out in book two of this steamy, polyamorous paranormal romance.

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