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Turning thirty is rough. Evayne Lior decides a vacation fling with a handsome stranger might be the perfect thing to pull her out of her lonely rut. When she meets Durant Lemaitre in a quaint Parisian café, he is everything a golden fairytale prince should be, and sparks fly. Entranced, she follows him home. Everything seems perfect until she discovers his “home” is over a hundred years in the past and he is an Immortal timewalker.

In a moment of panic, Evayne flees… straight into the arms of Lorenzo Macioce. One seductive kiss is enough for her to know she needs more. In a whirlwind of high society balls and magical places, both men confess their desires while indulging her fantasies in their bed.

As Evayne’s feelings move from pure lust to eternal love, she is reluctant to return to her own time. But when the bloodthirsty Immortal Family takes an interest in her, she may not have a choice.

Eyes of Amber is the first novel in the polyamorous romance series, Dawnchild. If you enjoy a smart, sassy heroine and sensual men, then you’ll love this steamy mystical tale.


Paris—two gorgeous men, one amazing vacation.

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