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Trapped in the underworld, goddess Inanna’s only chance at freedom requires paying a sensual price.

The underworld is a wild ride. I came here for a wedding, but this looks like my funeral. Imprisoned and fading, I’ve lost the amulet that is my ticket out of here. All I have left is my wrath to cling to.


When Kurizan, a mysterious being full of looks and charm, offers help in exchange for favors of a sensual nature, how can I refuse?


Soon our erotic bargain transforms into dealing with my romantic feelings. I wonder if the attraction is mutual or part of some elaborate scheme. Kurizan’s final request in exchange for my freedom is one I’m uncertain I can fulfill, and it’s definitely something that will land us both in deep trouble.


Will Kurizan's betrayal be Inanna's demise?

Coming 2024

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